Saturday, August 26, 2017

One Page Dungeon

My first Photoshop dungeon.

A few months back I was practicing with Photoshop. Eventually I want to put some campaign materials online. I don't want to scan handwritten papers.

It seemed like every effect I wanted to achieve was a research project, so my first dungeon doesn't have many rooms:

By the way, putting room descriptions on the same page as the map is a great idea. I wish I could say it was my idea, but since I faintly remembered reading about it I knew it wasn't.

The internet remembers whose idea it was. On 21 December 2008, dwayanu posted the following comment on the forum:
I'm trying out an approach of mapping by sectors of 30 x 30 squares. That leaves room on the same page for a succinct "key."
 By 31 December 2008 the phrase "one page dungeon" was in use. There is more history at the One Page Dungeon Contest website.

I used light blue because TSR used light blue ink for their earliest dungeons. TSR used light blue, I suppose, so the Dungeon Master could write notes on the map. TSR switched to maps with multiple colors in 1983. Update: Frank Mentzer claimed in a Dragonsfoot forum it was because the color photocopied poorly.